Zach LaVine has been carrying the Chicago Bulls for a few years now, although now, he will finally be getting some help. In the offseason, the Bulls were able to sign DeMar DeRozan and Lonzo Ball, thus giving the Bulls a big three. These players have already shown tremendous chemistry as they are currently blowing teams out in preseason. Ball knows how to dish the ball like no one else, while LaVine and DeRozan are key scorers.

As for Ball's offensive ability, LaVine has nothing but good things to say. In fact, according to reporter K.C. Johnson, LaVine has a warning for the rest of the league when it comes to Ball. Simply put, if you let him take threes, he's going to become a serious problem.

Lonzo Ball

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

“He’s one helluva shooter," LaVine said. "We had it scouted last year. He was shooting above 40 (% from 3) until he hurt himself at the end of the year. If you’re shooting above 40 on 8 attempts, you’re a really knockdown shooter. That’s a part of his game that teams are really going to have to respect. And if not, they’re going to get their head cracked like they did tonight.”

Ball used to be known as a bad three-point shooter although, at this point, he has improved significantly. With that in mind, the Bulls have themselves a solid two-way point guard heading into this season. If the preseason is any indication, this Bulls team could be contenders for a playoff spot, and they could even be dark horses to go far in the postseason.