ZMoney Leaves "Stove On" In Garish New Video

Devin Ch
April 29, 2018 16:00

Z Money's video concept for "Stove On" is very on the nose.

ZMoney mysteriously pulled "Stove On" from his Youtube channel. I'd notice the disappearance but let my curiosity subsided. I didn't consider that maybe the song would get picked up by a bigger fish in the sea. World Star has premiered "Stove On," a video that elicits a reaction to color antecedent to words.

When ZMoney tabled his vision for "Stove On," he was quite literally thinking of the burner flame in his kitchen. But like any artist with a vision, he let his idea build and sink in, to a point where flames become volcanic discharges, and the concept of a trap house gets flipped for something out of a desert wasteland.

"Stove On" is a highlight from last October's release of ZTM, ZMoney's collaborative tape with producer Chase The Money. On the 7-track EP the song appeared as "My Stove." For whatever reason, the subtle change was made. I suspect many wouldn't have noticed had I not played "spot the difference."

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