The beef between Yung Miami, Hazel-E and Joseline Hernandez has been messy as all hell. This all stems from when Hazel accused City Girls of stealing her idea for their hit record "Act Up." Not one to lay down and do nothing about a conflict, Yung Miami stood up for herself and her incarcerated partner JT, clapping back at Hazel. Things reached a new height when ex-Love & Hip Hop star Hazel recorded a diss song against Yung Miami, getting Joseline Hernandez involved and creating a whole mess. Now, Southside, who has been dating Yung Miami since last year, has gotten involved and is digging deep, taking big shots at Hazel's appearance.

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images -- Hazel-E attends the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California

Southside should probably consider leaving this battle for his girlfriend to fight because saying you're about to whoop two women's asses isn't exactly the wisest move. The famed producer took to Instagram Live to speak on the current drama, addressing Joseline and Hazel in a heated war of words. "Hazel, you look like the man that you is, I promise you I’ma knock you out on everything I love," said Southside according to Bossip. "I’ma beat both y’all hoes on everything when I catch y’all. Hazel you better be with this shit, cause I fight hoes and I promise y’all hoes I’ma beat both y’all hoes—on Piru."

That whole statement is problematic as hell. Regardless, Hazel responded in a since-deleted post, saying, "Yo does this n***a have hearts tattooed under his eye? Like Game had the 🦋? No wonder he tryna beat up women. You can keep that weak ass apology you just did…you calling me a man is not making you look any cuter sis!"

The producer then clapped back again, threatening to spit on Hazel when he sees her. "That bitch can suck a aids dick fuck that mut ugly bitch I’ll never apologize to u bitch never ima spit on u when I see u bitch," he wrote on Twitter.

As we said, this is messy.