The father of Yung Miami's child got off pretty easy in his domestic violence case. According to The Blast, Jai Wiggins won't be seeing a day inside of a prison cell following his sentencing for numerous allegations of domestic violence. Wiggins recently appeared in court where he was sentenced for violating a court order. Although he avoided jail time, the judge ordered him to complete a parenting class and a domestic violence batterer assessment and intervention program. If he does complete those options, then the judge said that prison is another option. Yung Miami did not appear in court. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

The court case stems from a restraining order Yung Miami filed against Wiggins in October 2015. The two of them have a son together but ended their relationship in June 2015 over the allegations of abuse. In documents she filed for the restraining order, she claimed Wiggins harassed, stalked and went on to threaten to pull the hair extensions out of her head. However, the last incident that occurred happened in October 2015. Miami alleged Wiggins punched her face and head repeatedly after pulling her out of her vehicle. Police were called to the scene. Miami claimed she was taken to the hospital due to the injuries on her face.

Following the incident, Miami was granted a long-term restraining order against Wiggins which indicated that he must stay 500 yds from her. Miami was also granted sole custody of their son, Jay Wiggins Jr.