City Girls' Yung Miami is happily pregnant and expecting a child with mega-producer Southside. The "Act Up" rapper announced the news back in June in the City Girls documentary and we applaud the 25-year-old for still making money moves and living her best life crowd surfing while she's expecting. In a since-deleted post to Instagram, Yung made a joke towards her City Girls partner JT, who's currently serving time, that this baby may not have been if she was free and kept her occupied. 

The accompanied meme shows a woman dunking a baby (it's just a joke) with Yung writing: "This was our mood last summer I let [JT] down this summer by getting pregnant lmaaaooo!! I told her if she was home i wouldn't had time fuck."

A few days back Yung Miami shared that she and JT would be reunited in just "a couple more days" and Yung even purchased her partner in crime a new diamond chain to get her acquainted with her new lifestyle upon her release. JT has already stirred some controversy before she's a free woman since a leaked diss track hears her taking aim at Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

It's unclear when the tape was recorded but considering Cardi's support of City Girls, it's bound to cause a sticky situation and we can only hope that it gets settled behind the scenes.