The public has often created narratives when it comes to the lives of JT and Yung Miami, and like many of their peers, the City Girls stars like to lay the gossip to rest for themselves. We've often reported on the Florida duo clapping back or checking the public over their inquiries, trolling, or rumors. Recently, the ladies took to festival stages and fans were quick to hop online with speculation about JT.

People believe that she is pregnant and they have not minced words, or memes, when it comes to theorizing about JT and Lil Uzi Vert having children. Although JT has refuted pregnancy reports, the public continues to pelt her with comments. Yung Miami has had enough.

City Girls
Cindy Ord / Staff / Getty Images

Yung Miami uploaded a photo of herself with her best friend JT and in the comments, fans couldn't help but troll the pair over those baby rumors. "JT is pregnant [clapping emoji]," wrote an Instagram user. Yung Miami replied, "No she is not! Y'all aggravating af with that. She's not pregnant!"

Early on in their relationship, JT and Uzi were sharing videos and photos showing off their newly revealed romance. However, after months of taking hits on social media and becoming trending topics, the pair has opted to keep their relationship a bit more private. Check out highlights below.