2015 was a trying year for Yung Lean, as he was institutionalized after a manic episode. He was reacting to the death of his U.S manager at the time. Yung Lean sat down with MTV to recount his battle with addiction and his return to full strength. His music has been forever coloured by this experience. There's also his close encounter with grief as it relates to Fredo Santana's passing.

The real meat of the interview segment pertains to Yung Lean spending a day with Fredo Santana. The meeting occured 3 days before the Chicago Rapper would succumb to liver and kidney failure. The two arranged to work in the studio in Los Angeles. They began the session by listening to 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Trying, with Fredo falling asleep at the control deck. Lean feels "blessed to have met Fredo before he passed," and referred to the deceased rapper as a "great human being."

This interview brings to light the more human side of musical collaboration, in that these sessions are bonding sessions as much as they are productive. The two rappers were able to put the finishing touches on one, yet to be released song, a record that will likely live on as a keepsake for the Swedish rapper.
Check the segment in its entirety just below.