Rappers do a lot of wild shit, but generally, wearing a dress isn't one of them, unless your name is Jeffery. Even something dress-adjacent, like the short-lived romper caused many people in the hip-hop community to feel some type of way. In fact, Florida rapper Trick Daddy even alluded to hiring hitmen to engage in a Purge-esque cleansing of all men foolish enough to wear a romper. Suffice it to say, the idea of rappers wearing feminine clothing is somewhat of a faux-pas, especially if you choose to go for a full-on dress. On that note, Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta star Yung Joc was recently seen walking the streets in a blue dress, looking like he's about to belt out "Let It Go." 

As there was pretty much no context whatsoever, Twitter immediately took to clowning poor Joc, with some getting downright hostile. Despite that, the majority of the shots were lighthearted, with many pointing out the fact that Joc had seemingly channeled everybody's collective auntie.


Well, apparently the rapper has a breaking point, and recently dropped a few video explaining the reasoning behind his foray into cross dressing. The rapper doesn't seem to understand why people are going nuts, citing "internet manipulation" and teasing that there's a bigger picture at play. "I'm currently on four television shows" says Joc, calmly. In another one, he says he "knew the type of backlash" he would receive, and fired some shots back at those claiming he "sold his soul" to the Illuminati. At the end of the day, the rapper explains, he had to "man up and put on a fuckin' dress."

Well, to each their own.