Yung Joc Defends His Hair

Rose Lilah
August 26, 2016 14:14

Young Joc defends his hairstyle.

If you were on the internet today, you've likely come across a photo of Young Joc. Joc decided to relax his hair and give it a part that is fairly reminiscent of a hairstyle your mom might get, and in return, he's getting roasted by the internet. Twitter has been going in on so much, that he's become a trending topic. 

Is this just a ploy to get himself into the news? Joc defends his hairstyle in a new video, saying, "See all y'all wanna look alike. But what if I just chose to do something different, cause I knew your ass was gunna talk about it. So I won. But wait, hol up, what if I wasn't even doing it for that? What if I'm playing a movie role? Ultra smooth cool ass cat that's just fly. I can't just do that?" He adds, "if I was a white boy it'd be cool." 

What do you think? 

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Yung Joc Defends His Hair