Yung Joc is calling Usher out, and challenging the King of R&B to a hairstyle competition. On New Year's Eve, Usher stepped out with a classic hairstyle that I'm only now learning is called the "Hair & Fleek" style.The comb-over look is reminiscent of the 50's and 60's, when Black men straightened their hair to achieve the Elvis look. The style has evolved since then to include an updated fade, but Yung Joc was ridiculed endlessly when he tried to rock the hairstyle years ago. When Usher stepped out with the look, he received a much better response. Joc spoke with TMZ about the style, and in the process, he challenged Usher to a king of the "Hair & Fleek" hairstyle.

Joc claims that he rocked the hairstyle for a whole year even though he was laughed at. He believes that Usher is doing his thing, but says the legend needs to hold on to the hairstyle for more than just a few days if he wants it to truly be iconic. Joc continued on to suggest that he and Usher throw a SuperBowl party in Atlanta where they can battle it out for the rights to the king of the "Hair & Fleek" style.