Yung Bleu earned more widespread recognition after Drake hopped on the remix of his established 2020 hit "You're Mines Still," propelling him into the view of a wider audience. He explained this phenomenon as the "Drake Stimulus Package," which has proven to be a pretty lucrative deal for smaller artists hoping to break into the mainstream. 

Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET

Enjoying the fruits of his heightened success, he recently came through for a performance at a venue. While things seemed to be going smoothly, things turned sour after the floor collapsed underneath the 27-year-old artist, causing him to fall on stage. 

Footage of the ordeal shows the rapper walking forward towards the crowd before the stage suddenly gives out underneath him. You can audibly hear the entire crowd gasp as he hits the floor. Taking the minor wipeout in stride, however, Yung Bleu got back up on his feet nearly instantly, seemingly unscathed by it all. 

Despite hitting the ground, the Mobile, Alabama native remained a good sport and continued to go on with the show after being helped up. 

Of course, accidents happen on stage all the time. Back in November, Rod Wave and his crew took a tumble on stage at Morris Brown College after the stage collapsed underneath them. While no one was injured, the show was sadly canceled. 

Luckily, Yung Bleu fans did not meet the same fate. He has yet to speak about the situation.