Hoping to put his legal troubles behind him, Kodak Black has copped to a plea deal. We previously reported that the Florida rapper was being investigated in South Carolina after a young woman claimed that he sexually assaulted her. On Wednesday (April 28), Kodak pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of assault.

"Today Bill Kapri took a plea to the legal charge of assault, a non sex offense, and received 18 months probation,” a statement from the rapper’s legal team reads. “This was a change of charge from the original charge. Having consistently denied these 5 year old allegations, he entered this plea in order to resolve the matter.”

Yung Bleu, Kodak Black, Guilty PLea
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

Later, Kodak took to Twitter to send off a few thoughts about the resolution of his latest case. He received support from his fellow rappers in the industry, including Yung Bleu who addressed conversations about Kodak agreeing to a guilty plea. “N*ggas plead guilty all the time for sht they didn’t do. cuz they dnt wanna take the chance of getting 20 years taking it to trial when u can get probation for a year ?” tweeted Bleu.

“Everybody situation different but Sometimes u gotta take a L to get a W. Not saying anyone guilty r not I’m js.” A Twitter user chimed in and told Yung Bleu that it was “goofy” to plead guilty to something you didn’t do. “If u not in the streets I can’t expect u to understand what I mean,” the rapper responded.

Do you agree with Bleu or the Twitter user? Check out the tweets below.