Yung Berg stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club yesterday morning to discuss a pair of incidents that resulted in physical altercations. During the interview, he recalled being in Detroit, Michigan and not wanting to go to Trick Trick’s club since a member of his entourage had a problem with him, but somehow ended up there.

“I was like 30 deep. I went in the club and I went to the back because I had the number one record at the time,” he said, stating that he wanted a free bottle. “[The co-owner] come back and he said, ‘My partner Trick Trick said ain’t no love for you on those bottles.’ I was like, your partner? Hold on. So now we’re in Trick Trick’s club, I come to find out, the same club that I didn’t want to go to and perform. Now, I’m in the club.

“I’m like 5’6, 150 pounds. I come out there and the whole club security surrounds me. They whooped my ass through the club, the security,” he continued. “[My entourage] was all around us and they was getting they ass whooped too!”

Berg also spoke on getting into a brawl with Maino in Atlanta, Georgia. He said that the Brooklyn, New York rapper had been talking sideways about him and that, on account of being intoxicated, he stepped to Maino in the club.

“I was in Arizona and just took the L with the [Atlanta] chain. I went to Maino - I was in a club, Jazmine Sullivan’s album release party or something - and I was wasted. I was wasted. I was on stage and I don’t ‘even remember, I was tongue-kissing big girls right in front. What I was told, because I blacked out at that point, and I stepped to Maino and I came at him like, ‘I heard you’ve been talking crazy’ or something like that. I threw the drink down and the scuffle began,” he said. “I took that L in Detroit on the strength of someone in my entourage and I heard Maino was talking crazy.”

Watch the full interview below.