There's been a lot of talk about Yung Bans for a minute now. While he hasn't made a major breakthrough into the mainstream like some of his peers, he's well on his way. The rapper recently released his latest project, Yung Bans Vol. 5 and it feels like this is the project that'll give him the recognition he deserves. It's a good project but Bans believes that his latest body of work is better than any album created by 2Pac.

Tupac has undisputed classics in his catalog but Yung Bans feels like his latest project is above any of those that the "Hail Mary" released. The rapper hit Instagram with a gif of Pac from the "Hit 'Em Up" video with the caption, "Vol. 5 EP GO HARDER than any Tupac ALBUM if you think otherwise give me 1 good valid reason in the comments or go build a time machine bitch drop a W of you agree."

In what seems to be a since deleted comment caught by a Reddit user AlmightySosa00, the rapper clarified what he meant by that.

"And this is not a Tupac diss. I love Tupac. But why would I put out music that I don't think is the best music ever made?" he wrote.

Despite professing his love for Tupac, it's clear that his comments are bound to piss someone off.