Remember that Foster the People song, "Pumped Up Kicks", that took over 2011, despite not subscribing to any of the conventions of a radio hit and despite being a playful tune about school shootings? Of course you do. You probably just started singing it in your head right now. Well, it seems the song also emerged from the depths of Yung Bans' memory recently and he decided to throw it in a song. 

It's funny to imagine Yung Bans in the booth, freestyling, and suddenly he starts singing "Pumped Up Kicks". Regardless of how it came about, his rendition of the indie pop hit seems like it has the potential to be equally catchy. In the snippet he shared, the beat is stripped away while he sings the chorus in its original melody, but in a slightly sped up manner. The beat has the joyful noises and punctuating kick-drums of bubblegum trap. 

Yung Bans dropped his debut studio album, Misunderstood, in July, but he's most often making headlines for beef-related stories. He became entangled in a back-and-forth dispute with DJ Akademics and Lil Yachty regarding Misunderstood's sales, but that died down in August.

Are you feeling this Yung Bans snippet though? Do you support bringing back "Pumped Up Kicks"?