As technology continues to develop, we begin to judge moments by how viral they've become. For the last few years, meme culture has run rampant, making the most mundane things into internet sensations. YouTube is usually where something will start trending. Video content is essential in 2018. As we all have such short attention spans, quick videos are generally the most consumed type of content. If something takes over ten minutes of your time, you start to feel a little hesitant about diving into it. This year, some pretty crazy things took off and became the most-talked-about topics in the entire world. Fortnite, K-Pop, whatever that terrible "Baby Shark" song comes from... YouTube looked back at all of their most popular moments in 2018's Rewind, bringing back the "In My Feelings" Challenge, the yodelling kid, and putting a spotlight on Cardi B's "I Like It."

The video starts with Will Smith choosing his personalized Rewind moments: Fortnite and Marques Brownlee. The 8-minute video goes on to show some of craziest trends of the entire year, spending time at a K-Pop performance and blasting Drake's "In My Feelings" for people to show off their cringe dance moves. Looking back on what was popular this year, I'm a little ashamed for us as a community.