This year's edition of "Youtube Rewind" was very bad. The video, where YouTube gets their biggest content creators to shout out the biggest trends of the year, has been disliked more than any other video on the site, except Justin Bieber's "Baby." The difference is that "Baby" came out in 2010 and this year's "Rewind" came out on Friday. At the time of writing, it's been disliked 7.2 million times. That's equivalent to the whole city of Hong Kong disliking the video.

YouTube Rewind, in recent years, has seemed like it goes against the ethos that made YouTube such a popular platform to begin with. The beauty of a platform like YouTube is that (even if it is curated behind the scenes) it looks and feels like it's solely based on what the people want and the site itself doesn't step in and meddle with that. This year, though, people have become more aware of how YouTube controls, creates and promotes content. As well as being criticized for not praying many of the people who make their site so popular, they've also outed themselves as a business beholden to advertisers, not a democratic and open media platform with the suspension of Logan Paul's ad revenue.

PewDiePie, the site's most popular creator, was not included in the video and he released a response which you can watch here