Your Old Droog "42 (FORTY DEUCE)" Video

Carver Low
February 02, 2016 12:55

Your Old Droog educates you on how not to get hustled in Times Square.

It wasn't long ago that Your Old Droog dropped his funky track “42 (Forty Deuce)," and now we have a hilarious set of visuals from the New York rapper.

The video begins with a poor tourist lost in New York before Droog hands him a copy of his album and the true adventure around Times Square and midtown New York begins. The tourist then runs through a laundry list of accurate cliches about Times Square interspersed with clips of the area back in the day when it was truly grimy and dangerous.

It’s a fun look at New York City, and isn’t a bad education for people who haven’t been to the area.

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