Youngboy Never Broke Again has been teasing the release of .38 Baby 2 since last year, but we've yet to receive the project. However, it looks like that might be the next mixtape in Youngboy's vault that he's gearing up to drop. The rapper took to Instagram to tease the project's cover art.

Youngboy Never Broke Again hit the 'Gram with a possible cover for .38 Baby 2. The cover art features a wolf's head on Youngboy's body, presumably, while rocking the rapper's most notable chains and jewelry. 

"Who tf this nigga knocking at the front door? approach it point that chopper at the peephole," he captioned the photo. However, he didn't reveal when we could expect the project to drop. 

In addition to sharing the project's possible artwork, he also teased a snippet of new music that will likely end up on .38 Baby 2. From the short clip, Youngboy delivers vivid bars about a home invasion over hard-hitting production. Hopefully, we'll hear the song drop soon.

Youngboy had a few severe legal issues he was dealing with earlier this year, but that didn't stop him from unleashing loads of music on his fans. After a prolific run in 2017, Youngboy upped the ante in 2018 with the release of five projects. The rapper released his debut album, Until Death Call My Name in March, and followed it with the release of his mixtapes, Master The Day Of Judgment, Decided, 4Respect 4Freedom 4Loyalty 4What Important and most recently, his collaborative effort with VL Deck, Kane & O-Dog.