Last weekend, YoungBoy Never Broke Again made headlines when somebody allegedly snatched the chain of one of his homie's necks during a show in North Carolina. As expected, the rapper wasn't pleased about it, and stopped his show mid-set to deliver a threatening message. "Im'a tell you one more time," says YoungBoy, "that chain you took off my partna's neck, that ain't his chain, that's my chain...I ain't really trippin' off that shit I got too much money, but I'll shoot this bitch up...If you really bout that shit you raise your hand, all I want you to do is raise your hand up if you took that bitch." To be honest, stealing another man's chain is pretty much the definition of a douche move, especially when the average rapper's chain tends to cost well over twenty-thousand dollars (and that's a conservative estimate). 

Luckily, the chain was returned to YoungBoy before anything could pop off. TMZ reveals that rapper slash mediator JoJo Capone helped retrieve the chain peacefully, after the snatcher reportedly reached out to Capone in the hopes of achieving a peaceful resolution. Apparently, the chain-snatcher originally wanted a ransom of twenty-thousand dollars, but that never came to be. Thankfully the situation failed to escalate into violence, and one wonders if JoJo Capone should begin charging for his services.

Known as hip-hop's "Great Mediator," Chicago rapper Capone famously diffused the brewing beef between Young Thug and The Game, after brokering a peaceful meeting between the two artists. In an interview with Don Diva, Capone described his belief in mediation as follows: "the African was the first man of civilization and, therefore, we should love our brothers and sisters, instead of the learned genocide from the European world that impacted the world and birthed those to carry out the 'Willie Lynch Theory.'"