Baton Rouge, Louisiana native YoungBoy Never Broke Again had a message for the man who allegedly stole his chain during a concert: "You ain't snatch s**t off my neck"

The young rapper, who recently put out a joint mixtape with Moneybagg Yo, had some of his jewelry lifted by a man who attended one of his recent shows. In fact, the thief claimed that he ripped the piece off of the rapper's neck while he was in the middle of his performance, but YoungBoy doesn't see it that way at all. According to the emcee's recollection, the chain wasn't even on his person at the time of the theft.

In an Instagram video that he posted yesterday (November 26th), Youngboy Never Broke Again tore into his supposed assailant for missing the mark on identifying who he had actually stolen from. "You lil' bitch ass boy. You ain't snatch s**t off my neck," he said. "Bitch you snatched off his neck." Looking straight at the camera, NBA YoungBoy continued to go after the guy who bragged about the theft in his own video. "You ain't snatch s**t off my neck, f**k wrong with you mane," he added. "Don't sit up there and lie. I ain't tripping off all that s**t. You know a n***a ain't never play with me like that."

Though YoungBoy denies that he was "caught slippin'," the original post from the robber caught social media by surprise yesterday. In the clip, one of the men seen on camera says they'll return the rapper's chain for $20,000, before suddenly increasing that price tag to $50,000. As of this writing, there's been indication that NBA YoungBoy has responded to the thief, nor does it sound like he's considering their ransom demand. You can check out a reposting of the robber's confessional below.

It seems as though the rap protege hasn't had a smooth go of it during his live performances as of late. Last week, we reported that NBA YoungBoy had been groped during one of his concerts by a thirsty fan, even after fans were warned to keep their hands to themselves. Unfortunately, be it stealing or inappropriate touching, YoungBoy's supporters don't play by the rules.