Although it's taken a minute (and a project in between) for Young Thug to finally release the highly anticipated Slime Season 3, the album dropped without a hitch on Friday of last week. It's proved to be an extremely strong release from Thugga, after the somewhat lacklustre I'm Up project (that in-between project). While the album's been streamed over 180,000 times on our site alone, it seems finding fame on the internet doesn't always translate to sales. 

Thug's projected first week sales for Slime Season 3 have arrived, and they're not exactly phenomenal, but not horrible either. The 300-signed MC is expected to move 22,000-25,000 copies opening week, or 27,000-30,000 including streams. However, the fact that Thugga gave it to us to stream without expecting those streams to contribute to his sales numbers (unlike pay-for streaming services) must mean that both he and his label are not too worried about moving units, at least, not yet. We're still waiting on Young Thug's proper debut album, HiTunes. Given the fact that Thug continues to win fans over, including the hard-to-please users of HNHH, means that he's on the right path to move bigger units with HiTunes.

K. Michelle's new album More Issues Than Vogue is  expected to more than Young Thug, actually, with 51,000-55,000 copies including streams.

What did you think of SS3? Will you be purchasing HiTunes?