Young Thug has surpassed expectations, as he's often warrant to do. The rapper was projected to move 27,000-30,000 units opening week with his new album Slime Season 3, but has upped that number with a solid 38,349 copies in his first week online. For an artist that doesn't really seem to give a fuck whether or not he sells, that's not too shabby. He slides into the Billboard 200 at #7 with those numbers. To put it in perspective, Thugger's last release, I'm Up, admittedly not as polished as SS3, debuted at #22. Barter 6 debuted similarly, moving 19,000 units at the time, so Thug's definitely making strides in sales and fans.

Joining Thug on the Billboard charts this week is K. Michelle, who, while not the center of this conversation, actually made an impressive #2 debut, right behind Zayn Malik. More Issues Than Vogue moved 59,158 units.

Stay tuned for our complete weekly sales breakdown tomorrow.