If you've been anywhere on Twitter the last few days, you've noticed the memes have started pouring in about Bird Box, the newest movie to hit Netflix. The film stars Sandra Bullock and her two children, who she calls "boy" and "girl." If you haven't seen it yet, it's pretty much another end-of-the-world movie where, if you go outside without a blindfold, you'll be persuaded into committing suicide. Pretty dark stuff. Much of the film shows Bullock's character and the kids trying to find safety as they blindly walk about in their blindfolds, which has sparked the latest meme craze on social media.

Jerrika Karlae, who is an established rapper in her own right now, managed to find the best post so far that integrates hip-hop and Bird Box, meshing both worlds perfectly. She shared a photo of her boyfriend Young Thug's cover art for Slime Season 3, which shows the Atlanta rhymer blindfolded as blood pours out of one of his eyes, before noting that Thugger has always been ahead of his time. She explained the backstory to the cover, writing, "The eyes bleeding cause I poked em when he tried to peek at some thot thot , couldn’t let him risk it." We don't actually see the monster in Bird Box... could it have been a "thot thot" like Karlae presumes?

We knew that Thug was years ahead of his time but man, he can even predict the hottest movies in the world. Maybe he read the book.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images