You might be thinking "Here we go, yet another dissection into the enigma that is Young Thug." But that's just the thing with Thugger. At surface value he may appear to be an overly flamboyant, drug fueled nonsense rapper, but it seems that the further we dig into his releases and their lyrics, the more bountiful they seem.

Sure, his style (both in fashion and music) may need to be taken with a pill if it isn't your usual taste. With the right amount of patience - and an ear ready to decipher his trademark cawing delivery - chances are you'll find something to get out of Young Thug.

The emcee is shrouded in controversy and has no issue living up to his unpredictable reputation that proceeds him. This intangibility is present in Thug's tracks and creates for some wildly entertaining listening experiences, if you embrace it.

I know that his flows are so jarringly coded in sometimes barely legible upon first listen that they can scare potential fans away. So, haters bear with me and Thugger loyalists vibe with me as HotNewHipHop counts down the most entertaining Young Thug lyrics.