Scrolling through the comments on a Young Thug Instagram post is an experience like no other, even in an age when being able to hide behind a computer screen has made disparaging trolls out of nearly all of us. A simple photo of Thugger in an all-red outfit, posted three days ago, currently has about 1000 comments, most of them negative, and about a third of which focus on his perceived homosexuality. That's even pretty tame by Thugger's comment section standards-- the post announcing his new project Carter VI has 2500, and one that even goes so far as to ask Lil Wayne to "body this nigga, not with bars but with bullets!"

Individual comments like that are no rarity these days, and could feasibly appear below a YouTube video from any rapper, but the sheer amount of hate and vitriol reserved for Young Thug seems unprecedented in hip-hop. It carries over into everything HNHH has ever posted about him, prompting "I logged in just to downvote this" comments no matter if it's a song, mixtape or news story. Granted, these aren't all gay-bashing remarks; a good deal of the controversy surrounding the ATLien comes from his wildly uncompromising music.

Thug's haters weren't conceived in a vacuum, as he's made his fair share of headlines for his actions in and out of the booth. If you also find yourself wondering why people expend so much energy naysaying Thug-- or are one of those naysayers yourself-- here's a breakdown of Thugger Thugger's most heinous crimes against the rap game. (That last bit was sarcasm, in case you missed it).