It's been five years since Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan and Birdman shared their exquisite collaborative mixtape, Rich GangTha TourPart. 1. In honor of the anniversary, HotNewHipHop interviewed Goose, who was instrumental (no pun intended) in producing a large portion of the project. While Goose said he has yet to be contacted in regards to the rumored Rich Gang sequel - which Birdman teased on Instagram with a photo that subbed in Jacquees for Rich Homie Quan - he did provide us with some stories from the Tha Tour Part. 1's creation process. 

However, in an aside from the Rich Gang talk, Goose discussed how the beat for "Floyd Mayweather" came about, which is featured on Young Thug's 2016 project, JEFFERY. The 6-minute opus has several producers listed in the credits - including Goose, TM88, Wheezy, Billboard Hitmakers and Young Thug - and we were curious how so many minds come together to craft a single beat. Goose explained:

"The majority of the producers-- me, Billboard Hitmakers, Wheezy-- we were all in the studio with Thug one night and we just started cooking up. Thug actually had input on the beat too, he was kind of giving a little bit of direction. I think Wheezy started the beat, and I think he passed it to Billboard Hitmakers, and they passed it to me. It just kind of got passed around, but that wasn’t it though, that was the first night. I believe TM, got on it the next night, I wasn’t there. There was like a couple days and more stuff got added but that was the basis. It was us in the studio that night and we just started cooking up."

When asked about the various iterations of the song that ended up on the Internet, Goose revealed that the beat was actually intended to appear on Gunna's project. Thug always planned to hop on it, but when he heard just how fire the beat was, he insisted on stealing it for JEFFERY. It's funny to hear this story, now, in light of Thug recently confessing that he did the same thing to Gunna with their collaboration "Hot," which appeared on Thug's latest album, So Much Fun. Goose detailed how "Floyd Mayweather" ended up in Thug's hands and how Gucci Mane and Travis Scott were added to the track:

"It was really for Gunna, but Thug was going to get on it. Thug I believe was doing bars and then leaving bars open, and do another bar, and then Gunna would come in and fill in the empty spaces. They went back and forth like Quan and Thug used to go back and forth. But then everybody else got added later and I didn’t know they got added. But when I heard Gucci and Travis and them was on it, you know it was lit."