Over a year ago, we first let you know about a lawsuit involving Young Thug's ex-manager Manny Halley and the rapper's business team. The defamation suit was filed by Halley in March 2017, citing that his reputation had been damaged after receiving incriminating e-mails from the team taking care of Thugger's finances. Apparently, they also tried to scapegoat Halley to cover their own ineptitude. Since then, things have come full circle and a settlement has been reached. According to TMZ, Halley is getting a huge payout via the terms of the settlement, cashing a 7-figure check.

The lawsuit initially stemmed from an e-mail sent by Thug's former finance team, alleging that Halley had racked up over $200K in unauthorized charges. However, the rapper's ex-manager stated that the charges were allocated to private jets Thug had used while on tour. Halley says that David Weise & Associates, the business team Jeffery was dealing with, tried to drag his name in the dirt after he tried getting them fired for screwing up Thug's finances. The situation was so bad at one point that Thugger's cell phone service and home electricity were shut off because of non-payments.

The lawsuit was settled today as a simple misunderstanding and Halley is walking away with a bag for his efforts. Hopefully, Thug has enlisted a better team to take care of his money.