Random Young Thug leaks aren’t all that rare to see, but what happened earlier this week was more than just a minor leak. Apparently there were over 50 Young Thug track & 17 Rich Homie Quan songs that surfaced online this week, and Thugger’s engineer wasn’t happy about it.

Taking to Reddit today, Alex Tumay, a.k.a Thugger’s engineer, had the following statement to make:

“These songs were a huge part of the past two years of my life. Most of those tracks probably would've ended up coming out for free when they were completed and the time was right, but they are for the most part unfinished. Whoever leaked them has no respect for music or the work that goes into creating it. Now there is a very real chance that these unfinished versions will be the only ones that people ever hear. I don't have the time to devote to mixing/arranging the leaks for free, and I doubt there's any interest to pay to have them mixed now that they leaked, so these will be the most complete versions people hear. We spent months on months, more or less living in the studio, creating these tracks. I don't do this for the money. I do it because I care greatly about making something new and unique. Making my client's music better. Making quality sounding music in a genre that change/experimentation/sonics often become an afterthought in. I want to change the world of rap music, and the less these songs are heard, the less of an impact they will make. I'm incredibly disheartened that this occurred and the fact that it will probably result in less official releases and will reduce the impact of some amazing tracks, that deserved a proper release. I'm glad that the songs are getting heard, just wish it could have been in a better context. I hate to give any extra attention to these leaks, but I felt like I had to say something." -Alex Tumay (Young Thug's Engineer)

Alex made some good points in this statement and is probably right about some of these records not getting the shine they deserve, which is a damn shame. Make this a lesson for all those who leak.