Take this with a measure of doubt, but tonight could see Lil Uzi Vert & Young Thug could be dropping at midnight alongside the scheduled releases of YG, Mac Miller and Travis Scott's Astroworld. If you are up at that hour, make sure you are well within your download/upload limit for the month. Young Thug's contribution to the excitable climate came in the shape of boxes. Several media outlets including our very own HNHH NYC offices were hit with a mysterious package courtesy of Young Thugger's management. Inside the box, a living breathing snake nestled for position, posing a serious threat to whoever sat at reception. Was Young Thug trying to send a message of "deceit" to major media outlets, or is the ploy just a promotional tool like any other?

Young Thug's next ploy was to wipe his Instagram clean and change his avatar to a block letter emblem reading: "Slime Language" coming soon. Starting from scratch  is a tactic employed ad nauseam by rappers on the brink of dropping fresh material. Desiigner has done it, Future on two occasions, and J. Cole before his last album KOD.

Look no further: this image still from Young Thug's Instagram at present time.