Last night's Grammy Awards were opened up with Camila Cabello singing her hit song "Havana" to a crowd of talented individuals waiting for their names to be called on stage. When there was a break in the music, a man in some sparkly-ass boots started walking toward the front of the stage. The camera focused on his feet before slowly tilting up to reveal the lanky figure of Young Thug standing with a microphone in his hand. This scene may not have become a reality though because a few hours prior to the ceremony, Thugger has nearly arrested again.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

It feels as though the police have it out for Young Thug. He's been arrested more times than we can count and yesterday, he was placed in handcuffs just hours before the Grammy Awards. According to TMZ, Thug was riding with his friends in West Hollywood when they were pulled over at a McDonald's. One of the men in the car told an officer that he was in possession of a registered firearm but upon inspection, the gun was not legally identifiable in the state of California. The man was instantly arrested and the rest of the people in the car, including Thugger, were cuffed. Thankfully, the artist was able to get to the event in time for his opening performance. He was also in the crowd when he won his first ever Grammy for his contributions to "Song of the Year" winner "This Is America."

Hopefully, this string of legal issues ends for Young Thug. He's far too valuable in the game to keep spending time behind bars.