It's no science, but hip-hop relationships tend to have many things in common; they're passionate, emotional, and often destined for a public and animosity-filled break up. That's not to say that hip-hop hasn't given us some of the game's most endearing celebrity couples, like the recently married Mr. and Mrs. Guwop, but sometimes, things don't work out the way they're supposed to. Unfortunately for Young Thug, he might have lost a soul mate in Jerrika Karlae, his former fiancee. While I won't get into the details here, let's just say that Thug's mentality of "why cheat when you can creep" may very well have led to the split. If you want to read up on the whole saga, you can check out the sordid tale of romance, betrayal, and side-chicks below.

And while Thug may or may not have threatened Jerrika over Twitter, it would appear that the Beautiful Thugger Girls scribe is still intent on winning back his former lover and friend. Yesterday, Jerrika Karlae tweeted out "you can search inside a million souls , and they still ain’t gone give you the feeling I do." Some were quick to believe that Karlae's message was aimed at Thug, including Jeffery himself, who channeled his inner romantic with a reply of his own - "And that's the reason we should try again." The message was capped off with a few heart emojis, so you know he wasn't playin' no games.

Jerrika responded to Thug's proclamation of love with an ambiguous reply, in which she proceeded with the digital gesture - "*flips hair at hoes*", To be honest, analyzing this one goes beyond my skillset. Is Thug the hoe in question? Is the side-chick? Are the hoes simply the ones who are trying to keep them apart? Check out the tweets below, and draw your own conclusion.