Young Thug is still hung up on his ex-fiancée Jerrika Karlae, or so it would seem from his tweet Tuesday night. "Thought bout u today... #karlae," wrote Thug, who has been pretty open about his desire to win Jerrika back in recent months.

Jerrika responded to the tweet indirectly, retweeting a fan's commentary on their breakup: "😭 @MissJerrikaK yall were my fav couple😓😍." Just after that, she retweeted a fan who pulled up an old video of the former couple in their better days.

Things got pretty dark between the two as they publicly parted ways earlier this year. Reports of Thug's cheating surfaced a few months back, and later, the rapper threatened Jerrika in a tweet. Responding to a suggestion that Jerrika was "back on the market," Thug wrote, "What market?? Bitch u goin die OnGod." He later deleted the tweet. 

In November, Jerrika tweeted "you can search inside a million souls, and they still ain’t gone give you the feeling I do," a message many fans assumed was meant for Thug, including the rapper himself, who responded, "And that's the reason we should try again."

A reconciliation between the two does not seem to be coming anytime soon, but this likely won't be the last time they share feelings about one another publicly.

Young Thug released his Beautiful Thugger Girls project, which features some songs that may or may not be dedicated to Jerrika, in June. It appeared on our Hottest Albums Of 2017 list.