Last night, Young Thug faced verbal attacks when a video of one of his children operating a moving vehicle hit the internet. The child appears to be far too young to be driving and according to Thug himself, it never would have happened if he was in the car.

The Atlanta-based rapper posted his response to the backlash he's received over the video, saying that it's all his baby mama's fault. "Never would I put my child's life in danger nor in anyone else's life, I am out of town and that video is clearly in Atlanta," he wrote. "I am a very safe man, especially when it come down to my kids. I am very smart, last thing I'm looking for is clout/fame I have both. Plus she wouldn't dare even ask me could she drive a car... But it'll be handled 'expeditiously.' You people must get smarter then you are to think I'm anywhere near such a thing."

The full statement is definitely a little odd. Thug seems to be trying to convince everyone that he's a genuinely good guy. The man is painfully misunderstood so it isn't anything new for him to be getting backlash for a social post that wasn't even his. What do you think of his response though? Do you forgive him?