The long-standing beef between Young Thug and YFN Lucci is apparently still going because when Thug was on Instagram Live earlier today, he made it clear that he would still put those paws on Lucci. These two have been trading shadey remarks for years, including a back-and-forth argument on Twitter in regards to Thugger's Tupac comparison.

“I dropped EBBTG on 2pac’s birthday because I'm the #newPac,” Thug shared on Twitter. Lucci jumped in to add his two cents writing, "Pac would've never wore a dress,” adding a clown emoji to the end of his response. Thug then asked, "Ulil mad or big mad peon" adding, "Doin to much could become a deep sleep.”

In this most recent Instagram video, Thug seems to be answering a viewer's question about whether or not things could get physical with Lucci. "Man, of course I'm gon' slap Lucci," Thugger allegedly says. "I'mma slap the hell out y'all little n***a man. Stop playin'. Keep playin' and know what time it is."

Not long after the Tupac spat, Lucci sat down with Vlad TV and when asked about the beef, he denied that there was any ill-will between him and Thug. “I don’t have no issues with nobody,” said Lucci. "That’s unreal, but I ain’t got no problem with nobody.” These two have fallen out in the past when it's come to Thug's girlfriend Jerrika Karlae, as well. Lucci messaged Karlae, saying that he missed her. Thug snapped back, but eventually decided to shut down the argument after accusing Lucci of trying to start beef with him for clout. "U just tying to get on!" Thug said. "If any upcoming rapper wanna be put on, let's make music...Cross out the devil and go with God please."