Annnd we're back. A few days ago the  latest update on the Young Thug and Jerrika Karlae break-up was Young asking for her back, but following it up with a tweet to her that read "Bitch u goin die OnGod." Whether it happened on the web or in real life, it's a serious threat that Jerrika seemingly didn't pay much attention to. 

Since then we haven't gotten much detail on the two and their online back and forth, but now Young has tweeted a few words that give us insight on the kind of women he wants to be dating. He tweets: "We need more women like @MonicaBrown... the ones who goin MAKE a nigga do right... sometimes y’all gotta make a nigga right."

Young doesn't really need to say anything more. We get what he's saying, he wants a girl who's going to make him do good rather than one who's going to expose his sideline activities, better yet a girl who will not make him have any sideline activities. 

A few hours after Young's tweet, Jerrika tweeted "All smiles" and whether it relates to Young's tweet or not, it's taken as an insight on how she's feeling amid her relationship with the rapper being put on headlines.

All this drama started when Jerrika posted a screenshot of a conversation between one of her "good" friends and Young. The thread shows Young receiving sexually explicit photos from the girl, where his response proves he was into it. After the news hit the fan, more women came out saying they had slept with Young as of late, some even calling Jerrika just as much as a side-chick. 

Thugger's response to all of this was a simple, "“Y cheat when u can creep…” captioned on an Instagram video of him smoking a blunt.

For those who don't know who Monica Brown is, she's a popular R&B singer from the late 90s to early 2000s. Some of her most popular tracks are  "So Gone" and "The Boy Is Mine" featuring Brandy.