Is it about to be Slime Season? Young Thug recently released his new single with J. Cole and Travis Scott, bringing us to "The London" and potentially beginning his official album rollout. It's insane to think that with his extensive discography, we still haven't even received a debut album from Young Thug. Everything that has released from his camp was considered a mixtape -- even solid works like Barter 6, Beautiful Thugger Girls and Jeffery. With GOLDMOUFDOG officially on the way, it looks like we may finally be getting Thugger's first-ever album soon. He's starting to hype up the project on his socials too, asking fans who's ready for some fresh music.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The Atlanta-based star appears to be easing us into his upcoming project, bringing it up again with the age-old question: "Who's ready for this album?" With one song having been released that is expected to make it onto the tracklisting, we're interested in seeing which direction Thug takes with GOLDMOUFDOG. Jeffery has been known to craft some pretty stunning bodies of work and hopefully, his next album is no different. 

With Thug's question out in the open, let us (and him) know if you're getting yourself pumped up for some new Young Thug. There is no current release date yet for GOLDMOUFDOG, meaning it could arrive at any time.