If you're not following Young Thug and all his friends on Instagram, are you really a Slime Language fan at all? The rapper's latest effort, while not a solo project or album like, say, HiTunes, is a compilation project that features all his Slimes. This includes but is not limited to, Gunna, Lil Baby, Tracy T, sisters Dora and Dolly, girlfriend Jerrika Karlae and more. Given that this album is truly a Slime family affair, it is perhaps no surprise that Thugger's main man when it comes to mixing and mastering, Alex Tumay, was called upon to handle this album.

He did a flawless job with the audio and all of Thug's meticulous details, and he's gone above and beyond when it comes to helping promote Slime Language. If you've seen his posts in your Instagram feed lately (or listened to the album), you know that Slime Language has almost God-like powers. It's miraculous, but not altogether surprising, given Thug's own mystique. 

The memes in promotion of the album began innocently enough on Friday -- and in a way that might actually/successfully trick someone into listening -- with Tumay writing: "If you play Slime Language from start to finish 10 times without skipping it unlocks a secret song," which he caption: "Only one way to know for sure." Indeed.

From there, the powers of Slime Language got even more fantastical. "If you hate bugs, I put a frequency in all song on Slime Language that works as bug repellent. EVEN IN HEADPHONES." Or perhaps even better for cheese lovers: "If you're lactose intolerant the entire album uses an 808 I developed specifically to help your body create the enzyme that breaks down lactose. Listen to the whole album 1 hour before you eat for best results." Only one way to know for sure.

Check out his series of memes below, in chronological order. Let us know if you tested out any of these theories.

We've previously interviewed Alex Tumay here.