Antonio Brown has singlehandedly pushed himself out of the NFL and it doesn't seem like he will be back on the field anytime soon. After blowing his opportunities with the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots, fans aren't exactly sure how AB will be able to dig himself out of the hole he has created for himself. Regardless, Brown has made it evident that he wants to be back in the league sooner than later and earlier this week, Brown pled with the Patriots to let him back on the team so he can earn his money.

His request probably won't be granted anytime soon although it's not for a lack of trying. AB does seem to be getting some support though as he recently shared Young Thug's Instagram story on his own page. As you can see from the screenshot below, Thugger is endorsing Brown and wants to see him back on the Patriots.

Image via @AB

It seems as though more and more celebrities have been coming out in support of AB which can only do wonders for his public image. When it comes to the fans, many have fallen out of favor with the star wide receiver but if there is one thing American's love, it's a good redemption story.

Maybe he'll be back on the field sooner than we think.