Far too many of our youth are dying while experimenting with drugs in recent years. America is in the midst of a serious opioid crisis, which takes thousands of lives every single year. Some of our favorite artists, including Juice WRLD, Lil Peep, and others, have passed away as a direct result of their drug consumption habits, so it's important for people to be educated about what they're putting inside their bodies.

Young Thug shared a PSA on how to spot the differences between real and fake pills, clarifying that he's not promoting drug use. While he's not encouraging his fans to go out and buy pills, he issued a warning to any of his followers who do use drugs, explaining one of his tricks on how to quickly differentiate between real and fake pills.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

"Stop doing drugs, especially pills because they be fake," said Young Thug on Instagram Stories. "But if you do do them, this is a real effect. If it glows when you put it under a light, it's real. If it don't glow, it's not a real pill." He proceeded to show what he means, placing a pill over his phone's flashlight and showing the branding shining through, which means it's legit. 

This information is important for all drug users to understand in order to protect themselves. There's so much fake product in the streets and you could do permanent damage to yourself, including death, if you don't carefully inspect your pills before consuming them.

Stay safe and don't do drugs, kids. If you choose to take pills, consider following Young Thug's advice.

If you're struggling with substance abuse and are seeking help, please call the American Addiction Center's hotline at (866) 786-1691.