Last month, Young Thug revealed that he would drop one more project -- following February's I'm Up and March's Slime Season 3 -- before the release of what will technically be his debut studio album, Hi-Tunes. He revealed that the title of his third release of 2016 will be Jeffery, a slight misspelling of his own name. Thug has since been dropping off Instagram videos of himself geeking out to fire Jeffery snippets on the daily. Just now, he has finally given what appears to be the Jeffery release date. We're exactly two weeks away. 

Thug posted a picture of himself with the word "Jeffery" written in the left-hand corner. For the caption, he simply wrote, "8-16," which hopefully means that Jeffery will be out on August 16. Thug isn't the most trustworthy of rappers when it comes to release dates, but with all of the snippets he's been sharing -- a handful of which you can check out here -- it seems that the project is mostly completed. If it lives up to either of Thug's past two projects -- or, rather, anything he's released in the past two or three (four?) years -- then Jeffery will be worth the wait. 

TM88 and Wheezy have revealed themselves to be the executive producers of Jeffery. Ricky Racks and Goose, two more of Thug's closest producers, will also contribute to the project.