This year has been a busy one for Young Thug. He has plans to end off 2018 with a bang too, teasing his next project's arrival: Barter 7. Many of the artist's social media posts have been uploaded with the goal of hyping up the forthcoming body of work. Even though he just dropped two complete projects in Slime Language and On The Rvn, Thugger is not slowing down his impeccable work ethic, continuing to get in the studio with London on da Track to finish his new tape. One of his recent tweets has his fans a little worried though as he's mentioning how difficult it's been to deal with his depression, constantly battling.

Depression certainly feels like an uphill struggle most of the time. While we can't speak for Young Thug, there are millions of people who struggle with it on a daily basis. Thankfully, resources exist to help people out. Jeffery decided to forgo his therapy session in lieu of a talk with his social media followers. The "Best Friend" singer wrote, "When I cry it hurts!!!" which his fans reacted to by either shedding tears of their own or wishing he would let out his emotions on Barter 7. He followed up the message by speaking on his mental health, writing, "At war with depression."

Thug hasn't tweeted yet today but hopefully, he gets through whatever he's facing and has a more positive 24 hours.