Every once in a while, your favorite rapper (male or female) will say something on social media that takes you completely by surprise. It could be the revelation that they've got new music in the works, a video clip of the latest bling that they've dropped a bag or two on, or even the admission that their love life isn't all it's rumored to be. Young Thug recently gave an example of the latter, when he admitted to his fans that he's currently going through a dry spell when it comes to bedroom activities.

The rapper was blunt in his social media statement: "I need sex," he proclaimed. "It's been too long." Now, while his definition of too long and yours might differ at least slightly, there's the definite possibility that, despite his status as one of rap's wealthiest and most creative minds, that his romantic endeavors haven't exactly been met with the same enthusiasm as his records. Check out his tweets below.

Needless to say, many Twitter users were quick to offer up their reactions and even not-too-subtle hints about how he could end such a dry spell. From sarcasm ("I need to win the lottery") to flat-out inviting (several users ask him to hit up their DM's and they could potentially help him solve this problem), the reactions that Thugger's tweets solicited were as wide-ranging as they were amusing. Check out a sampling of the responses below.

Are you shocked by Young Thug's admission? Do you have any tips that you think would help the rapper alleviate this problem in his life? Let us know in the comments.