Young Thug's label situation was a complete mystery, until an in-depth Buzzfeed investigation (inspired by a Noz complaint) concluded that the rapper was trapped in an Atlantic deal he wanted no part of. A report that he'd now signed with Lyor Cohen's 300 label then further convoluted things, but one thing is for sure he's Rich Gang (Birdman's management company) 'til the end.

The rapper commented on his alleged signing to 300, brushing off reports and keeping the focus on his Birdman co-sign. “We signed forever,” he said, in reference to Rich Gang. “It’s not no 300, it’s not no 100, 250–whatever you call it, it’s a lifetime warranty, you dig? It’s in and out. Blood in, blood out.”

Things only got more complicated from there, as Thugger revealed that Birdman would be releasing the ATL rapper's upcoming #HiTunes album as an EP. "Bird droppin' it. I signed it to him so he's EP-in' it. So it's his album," he said.

Whatever the paperwork may be, it's clear that Thug's head is with Young money, hyperbolically explaining the large number of collaborations he already has with Lil Wayne. “I recorded a million tracks with Wayne already,” he said with a smile.

The Black Portland warbler also revealed that he will be on Nicki Minaj's Pink Print, and she'll be returning the favor on his record. “I’m gonna do something for my project and [Nicki's] project because we’re family and it wouldn’t be right if I just did hers, and it won’t be right if she just did mine.”

Watch the full interview with MTV below.