It didn't take long for YFN Lucci's bitterness  towardsYoung Thug to reach the shoreline. To recap yesterday's action, YFN Lucci took to Twitter in rehashing a mortifying situation that arose in 2016, not his own: Thugger's arrest at Lenox Square. Throughout the course of time, it's been hard to keep track of the "he say, she say," but when it comes to Lucci - Thugger relations I think the public record speaks for itself. At one point, Thugger had called him a f-word, and threatened violence, to which Lucci responded by doing pretty much the same. 

In the below Insta Story slide, dated Sunday afternoon (August 18th), Thugger tackles the issue without a care in the world for his barely legible writing. Chalk it up to the genius strain locked inside that brain of his, all you want, but don't dare mistake his diction for baby garble. In closing Young Thug writes, "I Wouldve Been Killed U," in what is inarguably an insinuation of violence, or at the very least, a threat of violence against Big Looch.

Hit us in the comments. Do you see things tapering off between Young Thug and YFN Lucci? If you've any insight to add the overarching discussion, please do. Like I said before, it's pretty hard to keep sight of all the "he say, she say" taking place on social media.