Earlier today, we got a couple of clips of The Game sending shots Young Thug's way during a show in New Orleans. Ever the troll, Thugger opts to respond to anger with glee (as he did when Lil Wayne urged people not to buy Barter 6). Read his response below, and watch the Instagram video below that. 

"So you used to be a Crip and now you're a Blood, so I don't want no smoke with you, you got bloods and crips on your team. And you was a male stripper once before, so I don't want to fight you, don't want no germs from you pussy nigga. And you know I'm in L.A. more than Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he the governor, fuck nigga!"

Too bad Arnold hasn't been The Governator since 2011...

Update: Game fires back

The Game has seen Young Thug's IG video, and shared one of himself in which he cites Thug's grooming habits and treatment of other men as the main reasons for his beef. Watch his response below.