A couple of days ago, the beef between Young Thug and The Game was reignited. Today, Thug is back to sparring with another rapper he had issues with last year: Plies.

Strangely enough, both of Thug's current beefs involve his young daughter. Thug and Game got back into it by posting pictures of each other's daughters on their Instagram pages, and back in September, his beef with Plies started when the Florida rapper (unknowingly) posted a video clip of Thug's daughter using profanity to his Instagram. 

Yesterday, Plies was the one to incite Young Thug, when he appeared on Complex's web show "Well Rounded" and called Thugger a "lower tier artist." 

"I don't play with a certain tier of artists, like you trying to get poppin' and shit," said Plies when asked about the comments Thug made about him last month on Sway (that he might "slap the shit" out of him next time he sees him). "I don't fuck with lower tier artists," concluded the "Ritz Carlton" rapper. 

When asked why Plies considers Thug to be "lower tier," he referenced Thug's first-week sales, presumably those of his latest project, I'm Up: "Um, you sold, what? Shit, 10-14,000 records the first week. I don't know, you tell me what tier it is." 

As expected, Thug has now responded, and he certainly disagrees with the tier to which Plies ascribed him. See all of Thug's response tweets below.