Young Thug recently made his NPR Tiny Desk debut, where he unveiled four brand new songs from his upcoming album Punk. Having previously announced the project shortly after dropping So Much Fun in 2019, Thug has officially confirmed an October 15th release date. 

With the album only a few months away, it would appear that we'll be getting a more emotional offering from Thugger -- at least compared to So Much Fun, which was as carefree as its title might have suggested. Case in point, in the first of his four new tracks -- titled "Die Slow," Thugger blends rapping with spoken word as he reflects on some emotional childhood memories. 

Young Thug

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

"Got in a fight with a deputy Sherrif, I almost lost my mama," he raps, sliding into the spoken story. "That's funny. My mom had broken up with my dad for having another kid on another. He came home one day and saw a car in the driveway. It was an off-duty sheriff that my mom was fuckin with. They had a few words and it ended with my dad shooting and ending up in a hospital in a coma."

"Fast forward about eight years later, my sister had gotten in a fight, and they had a family member who was a deputy sheriff. My mom had come outside to stop the fight, but [the sherriff] had ran and got in the car, pulled off doing sixty miles per hour. Ran my mom over. She had a stroke but she alright." 

From there, he segues back into spitting, delivering a bombshell bar destined to catch people off guard in its directness: "I always knew I wasn't going to be gay." For more from Young Thug -- including several unreleased songs from Punk -- check out the full NPR Tiny Desk Concert below.

Look for Punk to land in full on October 15th. Based on what we've seen so far, are you excited? 

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