Atlanta rapper Young Thug is currently one of the most influential figures in the entire music industry. He has a group of young men and women that would do anything to sound like him, sucking in his advice and wisdom as if they were sponges and releasing it back into the world through their own musical releases. Thugger has paved the way for young artists like Lil Keed, Gunna, Karlae, Lil Duke, and many others. On So Much Fun, his official debut album, he proved his slime loyalty by giving them the room the shine. Now that the project is out of the way, Thug has some time to focus on himself. While it's still incredibly unclear what type of procedure the rapper had in the hospital, he's providing a health update to all of his passionate supporters.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

A few days ago, Young Thug uploaded an image of himself in a hospital bed to social media, confusing many of his fans and leading even his closest peers to ask what was going on. The superstar failed to respond but today, he told everyone that he's doing just fine. Coming through with yet another photo, Jeffery hyped up his next musical effort before promising to be back on his feet in no time.

"Surgery went well...back on n***as ass’s 'PUNK'," wrote the icon. Thankfully, the talented artist is doing alright and he looks ready to continue his upward trajectory. Get well soon, Slime.