Young Thug oughta keep a watchful eye out for a vigilant T.I., who appears to be on an anti-Gucci crusade of sorts. Yet Thug appears unfazed, seemingly impervious to any potential backlash. We've already seen him don the controversial Gucci "Blackface" sweater, which caught the ire of many prominent hip-hop voices, including the aforementioned Tip. At the time, Thugger didn't seem particularly worried, basically inviting all challengers to speak up. 

Now, Thug has once again taken to Instagram with a similar purpose. With the Gucci Mask once again in place, Thugger proceeds to film a brief message, showcasing the way he looks in profile. Of course, the whole thing seems designed to draw a response, and it'll be interesting to see if T.I. calls out his former collaborator directly. 

In any case, Thug appears to be courting controversy, juggling deeper-than-rap slap-wars with YFN Lucci and an increasingly hostile Sauce Walka. Yet even in the face of unrelenting pressure, Thug never seems to crack, generally opting to double-down on his positions. What do you think of Young Thug's decision to incorporate the Gucci Mask into his wardrobe?

Ser Baffo/Getty Images